Friday, April 19, 2013

Such an Unexpected and Surprise Birthday [Unpleasant]

This was my first year celebrating my birthday with him, i was expected him to give me some surprise.
And he really gave me a big unexpected surprise......which is...
A birthday celebration without birthday cake, no plan
Because he was busy working, no time

The excuse was unacceptable, but this world is crucial and i was forced to accept this rubbish excuse.
I know i have to understand his situation for being no time buying cake and planning.
But thanks to my bro for planning my birthday instead of him... really appreciated thou

Well, he did gave me present in advance, and that's it. =.= WTH! I was like.. is that all???

Sigh.. but one thing he made me touch was during the karaoke, he sang a song for me
All unpleasant was gone and went away after he sang that to me in front of my brother... Was actually quite embarrassing but i seriously got touched by his voice and his sincerely (That is not a proposal, just another gift i would said LOL)

And so he was forgiven and we're all good now ^^
(One thing i learnt from yesterday, have to be 懂事, don't be too childish and stubborn)

I LUB U! =]

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