Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy 9monthsary darling!!

Up till now, we've been together for 9months! Yay! Few more months and we can make anniversary! It's so excited because we've been counting to 1 and 2 years! Honestly, it's really hard to maintain a relationship while your're studying abroad. Keeping the same results and also maintaining the relationship is so hard. While we also argued almost everyday since we're living together. He's not romantic but I truly love him because I can feel he's doing the same way to me too. Awww and He's always made me touch a cry just saying some touchful words .aww I love u xiao Jie 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Malaysian Gathering

Well, this is the first time i went to a malaysian gathering in such a huge number of people! Hmm, not really a pure malaysian gathering (with a 3 China people, but the rest of us (6) are maraisian~~~ It was kinda awkward at first met but laughter started begin as there's one fat guy who looked and acted very funny. LOL After Koren BBQ, we decided to go for bowling at Newmarket. I met one pretty girl who is also from Massey university and we've got quite a lot of stuff to talk. She's still single anyway =D
So here's my selca picture and the gathering picture!

Sakura Tree at One Tree Hill

To me, sakura represents romance, promise, eternity love for a couple. The best sakura tree i have ever seen from TV is in Tokyo Japan, unfortunately the season i went to japan few years ago was winter. Sob sob. And also this is the first guy i brought him to take picture with me under the Sakura tree. I personally like the last photo, but both of our faces are too round and big (please ignore our rounded faces).

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hello kitty fans

I just found out I'm a hello kitty fans :D

First clubbing with this pretty

Brought this pretty lady to nz club for being her first time clubbing in nz LOL 

Love ya hubby happy 200th day!

Hubby, thanks for enduring my bad temper, my bad behaviour, my bad habit .. And all my downsides !! Sometimes I show a shit face but I did regret being like that . Please give me some time to change slowly 
ILY hubby 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celica V Celica

My classmate, carol, her car (silver) could not startup her engine, her bf helped her startup her car using his car before she went to uni. But after we finished class, she was afraid that her car could not startup and therefore I helped her to startup her car. When I parked the car (red) in kissing style in our uni carpark, her car could startup automatically. LOL! And this is the picture of kissing style XD