Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hello kitty cafe in Auckland!

Well, I was so excited when I heard the new cafe opened which design with hello kitty! Unfortunately, I felt disappointed after I went there last week. The decoration was full mark , but the food taste suckkkkkkkkk! The brownies are shit .. :( drink was ok, just the food I would criticise.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Such an Unexpected and Surprise Birthday [Unpleasant]

This was my first year celebrating my birthday with him, i was expected him to give me some surprise.
And he really gave me a big unexpected surprise......which is...
A birthday celebration without birthday cake, no plan
Because he was busy working, no time

The excuse was unacceptable, but this world is crucial and i was forced to accept this rubbish excuse.
I know i have to understand his situation for being no time buying cake and planning.
But thanks to my bro for planning my birthday instead of him... really appreciated thou

Well, he did gave me present in advance, and that's it. =.= WTH! I was like.. is that all???

Sigh.. but one thing he made me touch was during the karaoke, he sang a song for me
All unpleasant was gone and went away after he sang that to me in front of my brother... Was actually quite embarrassing but i seriously got touched by his voice and his sincerely (That is not a proposal, just another gift i would said LOL)

And so he was forgiven and we're all good now ^^
(One thing i learnt from yesterday, have to be 懂事, don't be too childish and stubborn)

I LUB U! =]

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

After the argument, i started to love you more and more and more. . .

We had argument again, it's about my phone issue concerning about random guys and my male friends find me to talk. He's a sensitive person and dislike me to chat with male friends and random guys from wechat as well...sigh

But, i will change everything just for you.. i won't reply them at all starting from today




very muchiiieeeeee

This song is the song you share it to me during confession :D (shy)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why are Guys so sensitive when his Gf has more male friends?

This is always a controversial topic, and it's finally approach to my own case.
I've been stopped clubbing, drinking alcohol, partying, sing k, and gathering with my friends for almost two months ever since i was together with him. This is torturing and making my life getting dull... dull... and dull.
Being an Aries girl, is an outgoing person, easily sociable with a person even a stranger, and that is no reason why i have more male friends than female friends. Cos i love partying! i really enjoy my clubbing life at the right time, right moment and right AGE!

And now

Nightmares are around me



He is controlling me from going clubbing!!!!!! Hello! i don't hook up with guys in the club!
All i want is the AWESOME MUSIC and dancing hard with my GANGS!!! Yeah i do have gangs!
It was fantastic to party hard with them and enjoying all the timessssssss

He even restricts me from going Karaoke at NIGHT!!! All my activities could only happen in the daytime!! MyGawdddddd

I would love to bring you go along and join my gangs, but you complaint about tiring from work.. i do understand as your job is not an easy task. But What About Me???

I need to release stress as i have stress on assignments

And now, my friends are getting far, far, far away from me....

This will never been seen by him and things above are just my other intention

OKAY, back to assignments and the "clever" me


Monday, April 8, 2013

I hope you are fine. . .


Sick again. Why are u coming to me again?

I had the same sickness in January and now it comes again!!! Why me? Can lord supply me a healthy body? Money is not priority but health is what I want now. This is because I could spend the rest of my time with my family and the love one if I have a good health. Oh please~

Sunday, April 7, 2013

To be honest, he was still. . .

I know this is cruel, sorry boy for being selfish and unfaithful.
This afternoon I realised that my heart still with him (not a big portion but just slightly) when I clicked his profile picture. After looking at his photo, i then went to my photo album and look back our photo. Sorry boy that I told you I have deleted all the memories with him and photos but in fact I locked it up with a password. I don't know why I did that. Sigh