Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celica V Celica

My classmate, carol, her car (silver) could not startup her engine, her bf helped her startup her car using his car before she went to uni. But after we finished class, she was afraid that her car could not startup and therefore I helped her to startup her car. When I parked the car (red) in kissing style in our uni carpark, her car could startup automatically. LOL! And this is the picture of kissing style XD

Palty Bubble Hair Dye for Him <3

We bought this bubble hair dye last weekend and used it few days ago. I was the one who helped him rubbing his hair and the colour was overall okay. Just his sideburns is not balanced and his rear back. I so wish to dye mine as well but had dyed my hair in last year December or somewhere in the beginning of January. So I have to wait for few months later then dye :)